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When you want to start writing music, you shouldn't have to spend forever setting up a score or persuading your computer to notate what you want. That's why Sibelius is designed to behave intelligently in all situations - as if it knows what you're thinking.

Starting off
To start a score, simply pick the instruments you want and they instantly appear on the page - with the correct names, clefs, transpositions, order and layout.

It takes just seconds to select all the instruments you need.

Inputting notes
There are three easy ways to input notes into Sibelius:

Flexi-time is Sibelius's unique system for notating music as you play it straight in from a MIDI keyboard in real time. There's no need to tap a pedal or play mechanically - just play naturally with both hands, and Sibelius will actually follow you as you speed up or slow down.

What's more, you can even listen to the music you've already written as you play in more music on top (overdubbing).

Step-time lets you play pitches from your MIDI keyboard with one hand, and choose rhythms and articulations from the keypad with the other.

Mouse & keystrokes allow you to input quickly without using MIDI. Pick note-values and accidentals from the keypad with the mouse, and click to place them in the score. For extra speed, use the computer keyboard instead - specify pitch using the letters A to G, and rhythms or other markings from the keypad using the numeric keys (see below). There are many more keyboard shortcuts for 'power users'.

The keypad lets you choose notes, articulations, ties, tremolos etc. quickly - either with the mouse or your computer's numeric keypad (see picture).

You can get other markings such as clefs, slurs and text from menus, and place them in the score with a click of the mouse.

Finale™, Encore™ and Score™ file convertors are coming soon from third-party developers.

Sibelius turns MIDI files straight into clean scores - far more intelligently than other scorewriters. This is the ideal way to notate music transferred from sequencers, other music programs, or the Internet.

You can also input music quickly by scanning it - see Scanning, plug-ins and filters.

When inspiration strikes, Sibelius helps you get the notes down quickly and easily - before you forget them!

Select keypad tools quickly by typing the corresponding numeric key. Function keys switch between five different sets of symbols

3 easy ways to input notes

  • Flexi-time - super-intelligent real-time input which follows your tempo as you play
  • Step-time - play pitches with one hand, type rhythms with the other
  • Mouse & keystrokes - fast inputting without using MIDI