Creating your score


At Sibelius, we believe that if you find a program hard to use, it's not your fault - it's because the program is badly designed. Why can't a program have the most complex and elegant functionality, yet be easy enough for an absolute novice to use? This is the whole philosophy behind Sibelius.

Virtual Manuscript Paper™ design
Unlike other scorewriters, the Sibelius screen is simple and uncluttered at all times, so you can concentrate on writing music without the constant distraction of menus and dialog boxes. To look around the music, just click and drag the score - it really feels like you're moving manuscript paper in front of you. Alternatively, drag the 'navigator' to move smoothly through many pages at once.

You can even choose different colors and textures for your 'virtual' paper.

User interface
Sibelius is designed around a single tool palette called the 'keypad' (see Creating your score) which acts as the center of operations for your composition. You can select and edit any object in the score at any time - no need to switch between layers and tools first.

The menus for Sibelius are clear and concise. The most complex editing procedures are simplicity itself; the score reformats with every note you enter - instantly.

You'll quickly find that Sibelius's friendly interface will enhance your creativity, not raise your blood pressure!

You can zoom in or out by any factor, to view any number of pages at once.

Though you'll hardly need to read it, Sibelius has a concise and clear manual - you don't have to wade through endless pages of complex tutorials before you've written a single note of music.

Within just a few hours, you'll be working quickly and effectively.