Special Notations Scanning, plug-ins and filters


Sibelius makes your scores look stunning. That's because Sibelius automatically applies hundreds of subtle music engraving rules to optimize every aspect of your score's appearance.

Text and lyrics
Sibelius has built-in styles for different types of text - dynamics, titles, lyrics and so on - to give them a suitable font, size and position. You can edit these text styles to change text consistently throughout the score.

To input lyrics, just type - Sibelius positions the words under the notes for you, respaces the words as you type, and puts hyphens and lyric lines in the right places.

House Styles™ and engraving rules
Sibelius doesn't force your music into a single, uniform look. If you like, you can set 'House Style' options to emulate the high-quality appearance of famous publishers, or you can design and save your own House Style(s) to make your scores distinctive. A huge number of options is included, to control everything from bar numbers and instrument names to beam angle rules and articulation positioning.

No 'faking'
Sibelius automatically handles many tricky notations that other scorewriters have to fake, such as: collisions between voices (layers), multi-arc slurs with any number of arcs, beams across rests and barlines, cross-staff beams between three staves, text and wavy lines at any angle (e.g. gliss), and ossia bars.

Exporting graphics
You can take music from Sibelius into graphics and desktop publishing programs in a variety of standard file formats. This makes it easy to incorporate music into anything from posters, covers and exam papers to theses, books and magazines.

Music fonts and symbols
Sibelius's standard music font Opus™ produces an exceptionally high-quality engraved appearance. Also included is Inkpen™, a font which simulates neatly handwritten music (see Special notations).

Sibelius includes hundreds of music symbols, including special noteheads, percussion markings, microtones, ornaments, figured bass and chord symbols.

But you're not just limited to our fonts. Sibelius is compatible with all the best-known music fonts, including Petrucci™, Susato™, Sonata™, Tamburo™ and Ghent™. You can even design your own symbols using any combination of characters from any mixture of fonts.
Designing a new symbol by combining other characters