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Sibelius comes free with PhotoScore Lite™ from Neurotron Software - the state-of-the-art plug-in program which scans and reads printed music into Sibelius.

Once the music is read, you can edit or transpose the score in Sibelius, play it back, extract parts and print - just as if you'd inputted it yourself. And because PhotoScore Lite takes just seconds to read a page, it's the lightning-fast way to make arrangements, transpositions and editions.

The advanced version PhotoScore™ (available separately) also reads other standard markings such as articulations, hairpins and even text.

Scanning copyright music without permission is illegal.

Ever wished you could create your own features for your scorewriter? Now you can: using our built-in computer language called ManuScript™, anyone can quickly learn how to write new 'plug-in' features for Sibelius.

Sibelius comes with numerous free plug-ins which we've already written for you, including:

  • Music scanning (see above)
  • Checking for parallel 5ths/8ves
  • Writing note names above notes
  • Batch processing - e.g. converting many MIDI files to Sibelius format at once
...and many more.

The Filter menu lets you search passages of music for specific pitches, rhythms and articulations. For example, you can easily find all middle C quarter-notes (crotchets) in your score, then add, say, an accent to them with a single mouse-click.